Fitness Friday - Little Black Dress Workout

Hello everyone!

Whilst it has been really cold, I have definitely found it a struggle to get out and go to the gym. Instead I have turned back to my workout DVD's that I used to love so much. 

For today's workout, I chose one of my old favourites - The Little Black Dress Workout. This particular one was done by Zoe Lucker who I used to love watching as Tanya on Footballers' Wives. 

The workout itself is split into five sections: 

The Warm Up - This certainly gets you warm but using simple movements which is great if you haven't done any exercise in a while. 

Dance - This section always puts me in a good mood, again with really simple, old skool movements which are sure to have you giggling as well. 

Box - My favourite section of the workout as it targets the lower body which is my stronger area (I have no upper body or core strength). Zoe explains that this is the hardest section and whilst I agree that it is harder than the previous two sections, the section that follows is by far the most difficult for me. 

Tone - This is guaranteed to tighten your bum, legs and waist as well as making you work up a sweat believe me. As I mentioned above this is the section I find the most challenging but I am determined to conquer it.

Yoga - This is great for stretching after all your hard work and I have sometimes been known to stick the DVD on after working out at the gym just for this section because I love it so much. Not only done is stretch your muscles, it also relax's you as well.

It's really easy to find a copy of this workout on places like eBay if you want to give it a go. I highly recommend it as a starting point if you are returning to exercise after a break. 

Until next time



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