Hello everyone

So today I just wanted to share an exciting update with you. Some of you may have already seen, but I have decided to set up my own YouTube channel, posting a new video each week. It is something I have thought about doing for a while but felt I didn't have the confidence or skill to do so.

A mentioned starting a channel to some friends a couple of months ago and they were all for it - after all what did I have to lose! I have been planning the channel behind the scenes for the last few weeks and am happy to say that it is finally up and running. 

At the moment I am going to be uploading a new video every week but there may be extra bonus content occasionally. As I have never done this before, you will have to bare with me as I get used to being in front of the camera (my resting face is not great) as  well as learning how to edit my videos well. These things will take time but I am determined to get there and it would make me so happy if you could subscribe to my channel which I have linked below.

Until next time



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