Fitness Friday - All Star Workout

Hello everyone!

So I'm back with anything DVD review for Fitness Friday. Again this is a old favourite of mine and is completely different to any other style of workout DVD I've seen. You complete a warm up and then two cardio-style sections which all together last about 30 minutes. After that you can choose from 14 workout sections that last a little over five minutes so that you can tailor your workout to suit the area you want to work. Every workout brings a new celebrity to help you with the workout so you don't get stuck watching the same person each day, unless you want to of course. 

Due to the variety of workouts you can do a different combination each day so that you never get bored and you can work each individual part of your body. The bonus content is great as well. Gordan and Tanya Ramsay show you how to create simple but yummy healthy recipes whilst the other celebrities share with you their top tips of how to create a routine and stick to it. 

My favourite workout has to be the Boxing Style, and whilst I might not enjoy it the All Over Abs really works those stomach muscles. This DVD creates the diversity to be able to have a new workout each day so that you can build up a monthly plan instead of a weekly plan. Although the workouts are there for you to push yourself, none of them are extremely strenuous. The workout's are there for you to do the amount of exercise you can cope with so that it fits into your lifestyle whatever level of fitness you start with. 

Until next time 



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