Fitness Friday - Fitbit HR Review

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope your all having an amazing day and looking forward to the weekend. Its actually my birthday today so I'm quickly writing this before I go out for the day. 

Some of you may remember, as a gift from my mum and dad for Christmas, I received the Fitbit HR which I had wanted ever since it came out. So I thought I would do a quick review of it in case you are looking at buying one but are unsure because of how much they cost. 

So the first thing I would like to point out is the look of it when it is being worn. If you only like wearing pretty and dainty things, then this is probably not for you. It does stand out quite a bit in contrast to my clothing and looks bulky and manlike. I also have found that, because of the size, it doesn't fit on my wrist when I'm wearing certain long sleeve blouses which is annoying. 

Having said this, the whole reason I wanted one was to help me with my fitness and loosing weight and it certainly does help. I was really surprised by how much is changes your mindset. Once I set my goal to 10,000 steps a day, I wanted to reach that goal everyday and if I hadn't by the end of the day, I would find myself going out for a walk, just so that I would reach my goal. Once some of my friends and family bought Fitbit's, I was loving mine even more because I could then set up challenges and compete with my friends to do the most steps in either a day, Monday-Friday or weekend challenge. 

To access my data, I downloaded the app on my phone but you can download it on a laptop or computer if you would prefer to. Personally I love being able to check how well (or not) I'm doing when I'm on the go and its great that I can add what I have eaten and drank before I forget. The app also allows me to access information such as how many kilometres I have walked, how many flights of stairs I have gone up, how many calories I have burn and how many minutes I have been active for. The latest update has also added a new challenge, by trying to make you stay active for nine hours each day. This has made me want to get up and do things between those hours rather than sit at home and watch TV. Being able to track my heart rate and how hard I workout at the gym has also kept me motivated.

The Fitbit has not just helped me with my fitness, it has also helped me with my sleep. By wearing it through the night, it is able to track my sleeping pattern and can tell me how long I was asleep for, as well as how many times I was awake or restless during the night. I always thought I had at least eight hours sleep a night, but it turned out some nights, by the time I had actually fallen asleep, I was only getting three or four. 

I would recommend buying the Fitbit HR if you are serious about improving your fitness levels. However, if you are just wanting to buy one to see how many steps you do, maybe look at a cheaper pedometer that can tell you that information. The Fitbit is so much more than a step tracker and can give you so much more feedback in the form of graphs showcasing all the relevant information as well as badges for goals and challenges met. However, this is shown in the cost of the Fitbit HR so it is something you need to think about before purchasing. 

Until next time



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