Fitness Friday - WAG's Workout

Hello everyone! 

So I'm back with another Fitness Friday post and I thought I would quickly share with you one of my all time favourite workout dvds - the WAG's workout.

A bought this quite a few years ago now, when tabloid magazines were all about the wives and girlfriends of footballers. Some people probably think this workout is a gimmick, however, I have found this workout challenging and have been able to feel the muscles I have worked. Although this dvd has sections for hair, make up, nails and clothes don't be fooled into thinking the workout section would be easy because it is not.

The workout is broken down into sections, each with their own intense workout to target certain areas. The three WAG's have three different fitness levels so you can find someone to follow to suit your own fitness level. I personally found the music they have used in the background really helps when I'm struggling to complete a section as I can just sing a long to it and take my mind off the pain! 

You can either just pair the warm up and cool down sections with one more section or you can do the whole workout in just over 30 minutes which is great if like me you struggle to find the time. Overall this is a great dvd to do if you are just getting back into fitness or are pushed for time. However if you are looking for longer and more difficult workouts then this probably isn't for you.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Don't forget I will be back on Sunday with another blog post. In the meantime why not check out my YouTube channel  

Until Next Time



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