Food Fryer - Tefal Actifry

Hello everyone and welcome to today's food Friday post. I thought I would do something a little bit different this week - instead of making something, I thought I would review one the appliance's I love to use when cooking. Buying the Tefal Actifry Original has to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has changed how I cook my food completely and have given me new inspiration to cook new things. 

My family has always been one of those who has often used a normal fat fryer and whilst I have always complained that I don't like the taste of the food from them, when it was the only thing on offer to eat, I ate it. I don't like food that is dripping in fat, it really just doesn't appeal to me. What is so great about the Actifry is that you only need a maximum of one small scoop of oil (which I normally use olive oil). This means not only does it taste better, its also a lot healthier too!

Even now, after having my Actifry for about six months, I am still mesmerised by it. As soon as I put the food in it, I just want to watch it cook. The lid is transparent which means I find myself watching raw food turn into tenderly cooked food when I should be getting the rest of the meal ready (Oops!!). I have found that almost anything cooks in the Actifry, with one of my favourites being potato wedges. The other great thing is you can set a timer so say goodbye to burnt food. The food is cooked using the oil and air and moves around constantly so that it is evenly cooked. 

Literally the only bad thing I have found about the Actifry is the noise it makes when it is cooking. I certainly wouldn't be able to use it when the rest of the household is in bed for fear of waking them up. That is a small price to pay though when you get such great tasting food with less calories. 

If you have any recipes that you use your Actifry for that you would recommend, then please let me know as I would love to try out some new ideas.

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