My Week In Photo's

Hello everyone, as you may know it was my birthday on Friday so I have spent a few days catching up with friends and family and just enjoying myself. I therefore thought, I would do a my week in photo's post as I feel like I haven't done one of these in ages! I hope you like it ...

I was taken completely by surprise when I turned up for work earlier in the week to find my colleagues had left me some wonderful cards, presents and even a cake...

... which tasted delicious 

A meal with the family is something I always look forward to around birthday times.

The food was lovely, however massive fail - I dropped my peas all over the floor by accident!

When I work up on my birthday, I couldn't believe how spoilt I had been, so thank you to all my friends and family for their lovely gifts. 

Of course every birthday I have to have a cake - this one looked so pretty I almost didn't want to eat it ... ALMOST

As a birthday outing, I got to revisit the Monkey World rescue centre in Dorset,  which I have always loved...

... even though it was a bit chilly and even the monkey's wanted to snuggle for warmth!

I got to see the cute Woolly monkey's and witness just what happens when another animal such as a bird, enters their enclosure...

... watching Chimpanzee's look for their food...

... And watch Orang-utan's enjoying their frozen jelly treats. 

Of course, no visit would be complete without a visit to the wonderful Jim Cronin Memorial. Not only does stand as a memorial to Jim, it also is a poignant reminder that humans and monkey's can respect each other, if they can be left to live alongside each other in their natural environments. Sadly, the monkey's at the rescue centre have found themselves subject to testing, being photographers props or being someone's pet, until they are too big to look after and have then had to be rescued. Jim's wife Alison now carries on the work both her and her husband started, along with a dedicated set of staff and volunteers, to not only rescue apes but inform visitors to the park every year about how the monkey's who have been lucky enough to be rescued began their lives. 

As the weather turned warmer, we headed for West Bay for fish and chips and an ice cream by the sea. Broadchurch fan's may recognise the beach behind us,but regardless of whether you watched it or not, it is a beautiful beach to visit...

... as is the rest of the marina and pubs.

Until next time



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