Food Friday - What I ate on holiday

Hello everyone and welcome a slightly later Food Friday post. If you follow me on twitter you may have seen that I have spent most of the day trying to download my cameras following a recent trip away. I thought this would be the perfect time to show you what I ate whilst I was away in Malta. 

Because Malta is so close to Italy, you get a lot of pasta and pizza style dishes. Whilst I was away, I did try various pasta dishes and a couple pizza's, however, the lighting in the restaurant wasn't great so the pictures don't show them too well.  

Spaghetti Carbonara was the best I think I have ever tasted - even better than Prezzo's version. 

I had two pizza's whilst in Malta, the first was this one which contained chicken, onions and mushrooms but the base was burnt and it didn't taste nice at all. The second one I had was a basic margarita which smelt and tasted delicious, so much so that I failed to take a photo in my haste to devour it. 

Whilst I did enjoy all the carbs, I sometimes felt that the pasta made me feel so full and uncomfortable, and in any other country, this would be where I would try other local meals. However, for those who don't know, apart from Italian favourites, the national dishes of Malta either contain fish, which I don't like, or rabbit which I refuse to eat, having kept rabbits as pets most of my life. 

It therefore left me with very little to choose from, so the photos that are to follow, I will admit, aren't going to be very exciting, but I thought I would show them anyway. 

Whilst these mozzarella sticks were tasty, the mango chutney that came with them was amazing.
By the end of my stay in Malta, I came to the conclusion that they do the best pastry in the world. This chicken and mushroom pie made me want seconds, however I am not too sure what the design on the top was meant to be - to me it looked a bit dodgy!

Warm waffle's with ice cream and chocolate sauce became one of my favourite treats...
... As did this delicious chocolate doughnut with custard filling.

The all you can eat buffet for breakfast was dangerous when they had fry ups on the menu. Although I am happy to say that this was a weekend treat for me and during the week I had healthier options.

Lastly, I became obsessed with these fig rolls which are also a national favourite and ended up bringing some more home to enjoy.
 Like I said above, the food I ate wasn't too exciting but I did enjoy eating it and managed to only put on 2 pound which is a bonus.

Until next time



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