Summer Holiday Nail Purchases

So I admit it - I did it again. I managed to pack all my make up and toiletries, but failed to pack any nail polishes. Luckily, we were saying in the shopping hotspot of the island, so I didn't need to look very far before I found some nail polish. 

The first one that I picked up was this pretty peachy pink colour (number 209 Oje) by the brand She. This literally cost me about 50p when I worked out the exchange rate later. I couldn't believe how pigmented it was - I only needed to apply one coat yet it looked like I had applied several coats. The finished look reminded me of the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes because it was so glossy and shiny. The only downside of this polish is its staying power. For me, it only lasted a day before it started to chip, which isn't great considering I wasn't really doing anything. It certainly wouldn't be my first choice to wear to work where it would probably wouldn't even last five minutes. Having said this, considering how much I paid for it, it did the job.

That is until I saw this bad boy ( Number 33 Rose Beats). I love metallic nail polishes anyway, but when I saw this rose gold one staring at me, I knew I just had to buy it. Again it didn't really cost me too much, about £1.50, so I wasn't really expecting too much. I certainly wasn't expecting to get a proper rose gold colour - its very rare I find a metallic nail polish that looks the same colour on your nails as it is in the bottle. How wrong could I be!
It was the exact same colour and over the two weeks I was away, I became obsessed with it. I had never really heard of the brand Essence before, so you can imagine how happy I was to find that my very own Wilko stock the brand, which means I can just pop off down the road and pick up some more nail polishes in this shade.

For the last couple of months I have really been noticing how my use of nail polishes was effecting my nails. I can't say they were brittle but they certainly had a horrible yellow tone to them when I wasn't wearing a polish. So I thought I would try this caring nail oil, again by Essence, to see if I could repair the damage. 
As soon as I got back to the hotel, I took my nail polish off, before applying some of this oil. It doesn't come with a brush, instead it had a sort of rubber spatula (the type you would do your cuticles with) and so to start with was a little messy, however, I soon got the hang of it. It terms of the yellow nails, it didn't solve that, but what it did do was make them look and feel healthy. I didn't realise how much I had been neglecting my nails over the years - they had never felt this good. After using this oil a couple times a week, I have begun to notice that my nail polishes actually apply better and seem to not chip as much. 

I am certainly going to be purchasing some more Essence products in the future and I have to admit that I think they are even better than Barry M items!

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