What You Will Find In My Hand Luggage

Hello everyone!

In a few days time I will be travelling off on my annual holiday so I thought I would do a couple posts to do with my holiday. With today being the first one I thought I would share with you what I take in my hand luggage. 

The the first time ever, I have decided to travel light in terms of my hand luggage because I have begun to realise that I take a lot of things I don't actually use. I remember as a teenager, before all the restrictions about liquids came into force, taking my whole make up bag on board with me. About 30 minutes before landing I would use facial wipes to cleanse my skin, before applying a full face of make up. Thinking back, I can remember some of the other passengers faces as they watched me do this, laughing. 

These days I literally do nothing. Before I even get to the airport, I make sure I have cleansed my face and put a good, long lasting moisturiser on. I don't even apply any mascara because lets face it, the panda eye look is not great. 

Instead, I carry with me my essentials such as my phone, cameras, purse and jewellery as well as things to do onboard - books, magazines & a pack of playing cards. Of course by this point, there will also be all of the things I bought in duty free stuffed in their as well, not to mention the shoes that were just too heavy to fit in my suitcase!

I only ever go on short haul flights so this is probably why I don't take a lot of things, but it is also down to the fact that I have to carry my hand luggage around with me and it certainly doesn't look very 'chic' to be struggling with the weight of your bags. 

As much as I would like to excite you with all the beauty and skincare products like a lot of other people do, I just can't because it is not me. 

Until next time



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