Blog Rebirth & Time To Be Honest

Hello everyone,

As you will have probably seen, for the first half of this year, I have alternated between Food Friday & Fitness Friday posts each week to give you recipe ideas and fitness tips as well as to help keep me motivated in my goal to become fitter and healthier. Whilst I have loved creating these posts, a lot of hard work has gone into these behind the scenes from planning and sourcing ingredients to the actual making and writing process. As things have got more hectic over the last few months with the start of my YouTube channel, I am finding it a struggle to create new content for these posts each week. For me, blogging is a hobby but trying to create the recipes each week was becoming a bit of a chore so I have decided to stop with these posts each week. I do still love my food and my cooking and will post recipes and ideas as and when I want to but without the added pressure of feeling that I have to. 

I am also giving my blog a 'Rebirth'. Now that I am feeling more confident and happy in front of the camera as well as getting the hang of the editing side of it (Who knew it could be so difficult!), I want to try and create new content over on my YouTube channel. I have therefore decided that my blog will go back to its original idea - of reviewing things from products & food to places and days out & creating wishlists. I am hoping that now this is the case, I will be able to concentrate my energy on creating better content and being able to upload more posts here on my blog. Whilst I will also still try to do posts centred around tips and tricks etc, my YouTube channel with have more of the hauls, outfit of the days, lookbooks & tutorials. 

I hope that you can understand that, as a hobby, I need to feel happy to be blogging and doing YouTube and not feel that it is taking over my life. It make take a few weeks to get there but better content will be coming to this blog so watch this space!



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