Body Shop Intensive Foot Rescue Review

I always struggle when it comes to my feet during this time of year, particularly my skin. I think it must be the combination of the heat and the fact that I tend to do more walking, especially when I am on holiday. During my resent holiday to Malta I can honestly say that I din not stop. I was out and about from about 9am to 6pm each day and this went on for two weeks. As you can imagine, this didn't do my feet any good and so by about the fourth day, I felt like I needed some cream. 

One of the great things about Malta is that they have The Body Shop. I therefore new that whatever I chose to buy I knew I would love. 

After spending about half an hour browsing the tiny shop, I decided on this peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue. 
First of all, the cream is my favourite colour - Pink!
Secondly, I can't believe how luxurious it feels on the skin. It honestly felt like I was at a spa having a treatment. What I love about it is that it really isn't greasy. That was one of my main concerns when choosing which product to try because I really didn't want to slip on the tiles in the room. 
I will admit that it did take quite a while to soak in so I found it was easier to apply it before bed, but I think it will be a great product to use with some cotton socks so that you can still walk!
I'm not a fan of mint smells in creams and I tend to find them overpowering, yet this one was great as its only a hint of peppermint.

What products would you recommend for healthy feet this summer, comment below or tweet me.

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