Dolce & Gabbana Rosa Excelsa Eau De Parfum

Okay, so I admit it - the Duty Free shop got me again. As you may already know, I recently had a lovely break in Malta. Shop-wise, the have the likes of New Look, Debenhams, BHS, Dorothy Perkins & Marks and Spencer so I felt completely at home. Having said this, it means I spent a lot of the holiday, in Debenham's trying out the perfumes and I found that I kept going back to one particular one - The Dolce & Gabbana Rosa Excelsa perfume.

I have been obsessed with Dolce & Gabanna ever since, at five years old, I saw a D & G dress in a shop window whilst on holiday. To this day I don't know if it was real or fake, but my dad bought it for me and I wore it to death. As mentioned it started as a dress, but when I grew out of it, I used to wear it as a top, so that is were it all began.

Years later, after smelling the then new Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume, I became hooked again and asked for it for Christmas. I was very happy and luckily received it, which made me feel so grown up considering I must of been about eight. Safe to say that was the only present I got apart from the usual chocolate coins!

Back new my new obsession. I think what caught my eye more than the brand name was the design of the bottle. I had already bought the white one for my mum for her birthday last year and loved how the bottle looked on her dressing table, its just so pretty. Of course the first thing you notice is the lid - a big red 3-D rose. It looks so real that you expect it to be soft, but thankfully its not, else I don't think the perfume would last long. Just under the lid is the simple black bow which I think makes the bottle look more chic. The bottle itself is made from curved glass, which gives it a elegant finish as well as having frosted glass so that you get the pretty pink coloured elixir showing through. For me its that Dolce signature printed in a feminine font that really pulls the design together to help "express the delicate elegance of the fragrance."

The designers have also created the box to be in keeping with the actually perfume bottle. A light pink sleek box with a black bow graphic going right the way round the box, with the same feminine font used for the Dolce signature gives you a hint of what you can expect for both the bottle inside and the perfume. 

It terms of the perfume itself, its definitely a more grown up scent and is quite strong when you first apply it which is great. Not only does it mean you don't have to spray much out of the bottle, but the scent slowly fades throughout the day, so that you smell great for hours. I have been trying it out everyday and would say it lasts for about nine hours. After this time, you do get a whiff of it occasionally but its not a constant smell. As a base, the perfume contains warm musky notes, cashmeran and sandalwood which gives it the earthy and spicy scent that makes it more grown up. Added to this is two rose notes that create the delicate scent. The first is African Dog Rose which is being used for the first time in perfume right here. The second is the Turkish Rose Absolute which is a very popular note in perfume due to its intense scent. To give it the burst of sweetness when it is first applied before the rose scent hits you, Neroli leaves, papaya flowers, white water lily and white daffodil's have been added to the formula.

As you might be able to tell, I have a new obsession and once I have used up the perfume, the bottle will definitely take pride of place on my dressing table for decoration. I would love to know what your signature of this year so far is, so comment your answer below.

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