Essence Eye Shadows

Hello everyone,

Unless you have been hibernating for last month, you will probably know that I recently went on holiday. After only a couple days of being in Malta, I had already become bored with the ONE eye shadow I brought with me. I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I just packed one and it was a neutral colour as well! So I popped down to the local shops and tried to find some more shadows. After searching the shops and failing to find anything, I started to think that maybe the Maltese just don't wear make up. By this time, it was extremely hot and I was both thirsty and tired so I popped into the supermarket on my way back to the apartment and what should I see - a whole Essence stand full of make up!

I started to look at all the eye shadows but was disappointed because they were all very neutral tones apart from some purple ones which I knew wouldn't suit me and would just make me look like I had a black eye. After walking for what felt a lifetime, I didn't want to go back empty handed so I choose two that I would try out. The colours I picked were number 08 Apricotta and number 18 All I Need.

By the time I got back to the apartment, I had just enough time to have a shower and get ready for dinner so I chose to wear the Apricotta shade. The first thing I noticed was have soft the shadow was on my skin. In the past I have sometimes found eye shadows to be quite harsh and almost gritty on my eye lids, yet these felt more like I was apply on cream than a shadow. The downside of this was it took a few more coats to build the colour to how I wanted it which of course took more time I didn't have. In terms of lasting power, they stayed on for the whole evening. Since being back home, I have been trying them out on work days and have found that they only last about four hours which is fine if you are in a position where you can re-apply. 

The second shade I bought (All I Need) I had mixed feeling about. The formula is the same, yet no matter how many coats I apply, it doesn't seem to get better. To me, this shade would probably work better as a highlighter as it just leaves a slight shimmer to the skin. To give you a idea using the swatches above, I applied the one on the right (Apricotta) four times to get it to that colour, whereas the one on the left (All I Need), I ended up needing to apply eleven coats for me to become happy with the colour.

Overall, I think the shade Apricotta would work well if you were going out for a drink after work or something along those lines where you would only be out for a few hours. The shade All I Need definitely works better as a highlighter - I have been using it to highlight my brow bone to create a more defined look. I have noticed that these are available in selected Wilkinson's stores, so if you want to try them out, I highly recommend doing swatches all the colours first to make sure you pick shades that will suit your needs. 

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