Ole Henriksen Brightening Face Wipes & African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser Review

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So on to the products - I have wanted to try out the Ole Henriksen Brightening Face Wipes ever since Fleur De Force first spoke about them, which feels like years ago. For me, they were always just that little bit too expensive to warrant me spending the money so I wasn't ever able to try them. That all changed in the January sales when Feel Unique had a Duo set of Ole Henriksen products on sale for about £8. I jumped at the chance to buy them but knew that I wouldn't use them until I went on holiday, so that I could take a bit of Luxury with me. 

As soon as I got to my apartment I opened my suitcase so that I could try out the wipes - sad I know. In reality, I really didn't like the scent of the actual wipes and this really put me off - that was all I could smell. It was just a bit too strong a citrus smell for me. It terms of brightening my skin, I can't say that I noticed a visible difference but then I only had a travel size pack, so this might take longer to show. For me, I found these wipes to be a disappointment and in comparison, they felt exactly the same as the Soap & Glory ones I normally buy, which not only smell at lot better, but also cost a fraction of the price. As a result, I would not repurchase the wipes and would probably just gift them to someone else if I received any more. 

Onto the African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser and can I just say I am in love with this product. The scent is a bit odd - I can't say that I love it or hate it which I know sounds strange. However, in comparison to the wipes, the cleanser scent is no where near as strong and overpowering which I personally prefer. You apply this cleanser onto damp skin and whilst it starts off as a foam, when you work it into the skin it becomes more of an oil based soap. Having said that, it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy at all, but leaves it feeling super soft and nourished. Whilst using this cleanser, I found that I didn't have the need to apply a moisturiser afterwards because the cleanser had already done that. The bottle itself is in a pump design, so I found I only needed to use one or two pumps each time, and ended up coming back from my holiday, having used it twice a day for two weeks, with over half still left inside. Despite the price tag, I would highly recommend trying out this cleanser because I found it actually worked and made my skin feel like I had had a luxury treatment.

Have you tried out any Ole Henriksen products that you would recommend? Please comment below because I would really like to try out some more products from the brand, but don't know where to begin. 

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