Product Disappointments - Holiday Edition

Hello everyone

I thought I would quickly warn you about some disappointing products that I bought recently for my holiday. Like many people, when I go on holiday, I like taking miniatures so that I can fit more items in my suitcase. It also means I am only taking an amount I know I will use and can throw away at the end of the holiday. With this in mind, I popped along to Superdrug and chose some items on their three for two deal, who can resist. 

One of these products I picked up was the Quickies Nail Varnish Remover Pads. I was going to be away for two weeks and knew my polish would last all that time so I wanted something quick and easy to use without having to carry a bottle of remover (which could leak) and some pads along with the actually polish in my suitcase. Just a couple days in to my holiday, I found myself in need of using these pads. Now I know I didn't spend a huge amount of money on them, but when I bought them, I did expect them to take my polish off to some extend. In reality, I found that they didn't do anything to my nail polish. It was like trying to take the polish off with a cotton pad I had just wet with water. They were so useless that I ended up having to go out and find some nail varnish remover to use whilst I was there which to me felt like waste of time and money when I already had something that was meant to do them job.

The second item I picked up was the Halo Eye Make Up Remover Pads. I knew I wasn't going to wearing much eye make up, but I would still be wearing a light eye shadow and some mascara. Again I found these pads to be useless for what they were intended for. Okay, so I know I was wearing waterproof mascara, but it wasn't a long lasting one and lets face it, most people wear a waterproof mascara on holiday so that it doesn't run down your face when your in the pool or sea. I was able to use the Halo pads to remove my base make up at the end of the day, but that wasn't surprising when all I had on was a tinted moisturiser and some blusher. It just about took my eye shadow off but it left my eyelids feeling really sore and dry. 

Sorry for the rant today but I just thought what is the point in advertising that a product achieves a certain thing when it really doesn't. I also wanted to warn my lovely readers about it because I was luckily enough to be staying somewhere were I could go out and buy and alternative. But for those of you who were thinking of taking these with you to more remote places would have found themselves stuck!

Do you have any brands that you could recommend me trying next time I go away so that I don't make the same mistakes again? Comment below with your recommendations and I will be sure to check them out.

Until next time



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