A Day Out In Torquay

Hello everyone,

I recently spend a day wondering around Torquay and visiting some of the attractions there so I thought I would give you a little insight into the day. 

Our plan had originally been to go and film some aviation aerobatics for my aviation channel, however due to bad weather we decided to try and find something else nearby to do for the day. So sat in the car, soaking wet, I was frantically googling things to see and do in the area and the first thing that popped up was Babbacombe Model Village. I have been fascinated with model villages when they have been shown on TV but have never had the chance to see one in the flesh.

I loved looking around the model village and spent ages just watching what was going on and taking in how much detail is put in to each tiny thing. I think I expected to see lots of dolls' house looking things with some play-doh moulded into the shape of a person. What I didn't expect was that the vehicles actually moved and drove around the streets, and that each little person had a completely different look, even down to One Direction performing on stage!

But it is not just walking around a miniature village. I also got to have a go and driving one of the model cars around a track (There is the option to sail a boat around, which I will certainly be going back to do!), as well as a couple games of crazy golf.

The only thing that disappointed me was that I didn't have enough time to return and see it in darkness, where I'm told it really comes to life. Having said that, I will definitely be returning, especially as I have demanded a rematch on the crazy golf.

In the afternoon, we visited Bygones which was somewhere that I have wanted to go to for many years. For me, the was no specific favourite section for me - from the sights, smell and sound of the Victorian street with have me goose bumps with how real it felt, to the vintage amusements where you can enjoy hours of fun playing the machines. 

I will admit I spent absolutely ages peering through the shop windows mesmerised by the huge and diverse choice and of course I was looking to see what brands really have been around for well over one hundred years. I think I felt at home seeing this particular shop on the right, as although it wouldn't be until the 1930's, my great, great nan ran a corner shop for years and seeing it in the flesh fitted in with what my nan had described the shop to be like. 

 Stepping into the vintage pub really brought home what I community the pubs used to be and really showed me how much it has changed. Gone are the merry sing songs around the piano, in its place, usually a lot of intense and domineering blokes in large groups that are almost guaranteed to end up in a fight. 
As explained to me by the owners, all the items that are on display in the museum are original pieces. For example the card that accompanies this lady in her beautiful outfit reads "This wedding dress was worn by Emily Edward Taylor when she married Charles Spencer at Fradley nr Litchfield on 20th July 1869". For the outfit to have survived so long and still look so beautifully intact I was so amazed. 

Moving on from the Victorian street, you can then move forward in history, witnessing what a typical Anderson shelter would have looked like and what the step up inside would usually be like. From there you can then walk through a first world war trench, again with sights and smells to give it a realistic feel.


 Exploring the fabulous fifties was great for me because I saw a lot of things that were in both my nan's & my great auntie's homes before they were moved into nursing homes so it was a very nostalgic moment - although I did regret throwing away that certain hair dryer when I realised how vintage it was !

To round off the day, we were able to entertain ourselves on the vintage arcade machines after changing some money into old penny's so I could have a game of pinball before watching the interactive miniature mechanical displays. 

For me, the day out at Torquay was just what I needed. I loved being able to step back in time and really get a sense of what life was like in days gone by. 

Until next time



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