Rosie For Autograph Brush Set - First Impressions

Hello everyone,

So a few weeks ago I bought some new make up brush. I saw these when they first came out and thought they looked really pretty but I didn't think I would own them because it would break my " no unnecessary spending " goal. After all, I already own make up brushes that work well enough and to purchase more would just be greedy.

Yet after saying this, the money I had received for my birthday had been sitting there for a couple of months so that I could buy something I really wanted so I took the plunge & here they are...

First of all how amazing does the packaging look. They are just so pretty! I love rose gold so I love the aesthetics of these brushes and would probably still love them as much even if they weren't great at putting my make up on. The set cost a total of £18 which to be honest I didn't think was too bad for some great looking brushes. I lot of the ones I am currently using are ones that I received in gift sets whilst I was still at school so I felt it was time to get some more grown up ones. 

The set itself consists of four main brushes - eye shadow brush, powder brush, contour brush, blusher brush. Although the above photo shows the handles as black they are actually a brown colour that matches the tips of the brushes which I haven't seen before. The white base of the brush, touching the rose gold section makes them look so clean and professional that I kinda don't want to use them. 

In terms of my first impressions of the brushes I am excited to try them out as not only are the brushes fluffy which will hopefully make applying and blending my make up easier, the bristles are also silky smooth which I am hoping will cause less irritation to my sensitive skin.

I am definitely going to be trying them out and will at some point in the near future do a follow up post to let you know how they have fared. 

Until next time



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