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Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. 

At the beginning of the year my goal was to take better care of myself inside and out, so I set myself a new goal recently of trying to get my nails in better condition. By this point, I had already been using the nail oil I bought whilst in Malta but I felt I needed to do more. First of all, I told myself to stop picking my nail polish off (a very bad habit of mine) which took me a while but I got there. I then noticed that whilst I had not picked the polish off, my nails were still looking in pretty made shape and were turning yellow from the nail polishes I had been recently using. 

I saw the Essence Colour & Care polish in Wilkinson's when I was looking at what other products the brand currently had. I was instantly attracted to it because it promised to make your nails look pretty and look after them all at the same time. The colour was perfect for me and looked fresh for summer - as with most things, I took it home straight away to give it a try. 

First of all I wanted to talk about the packaging. Whilst it is pretty basic, it doesn't look as cheap as the £1 I paid for it. The other thing I noticed straight away was that the product itself was made of natural ingredients rather than chemicals, as the circle on the top states. With more of us reverting back to more natural ingredients, the simple but clean messages comes across with the packaging they have chosen.

On to the nail polish itself, which was extremely easy to apply because the brush was the perfect size. It applied beautifully and was dry within minutes, with no stickiness that means you can't do anything for thirty minutes. The only downside for me was how long it lasted - on average it was probably a day, maybe two at most. For the past few weeks whilst I have been trying it out, I have felt like I have had to take my nail polish off every other day and re-apply it, otherwise I have to put up with some serious chips. 

In terms of caring for my nails, I do believe it has done something good. They certainly look at lot healthier without polish on now, the yellowness has gone and they are a lot strong than they have been for months, so this is great. 

Overall, for the amount I paid for it, I do believe it is worth every penny. I didn't expect it to last even a day so it did surprise me. Whilst it is good, it certainly wouldn't be a polish I would choose to take away with me because I would be constantly re-applying it, but for everyday use, its okay. 

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