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I thought today I would just do a fun tag post. I love reading tag posts because you usually end up finding more out about people when they have to answer specific questions. I am very much a night owl and have always really struggled getting up in the morning. However, I have recently been sleeping with the window and curtains wide open so that I can wake up naturally and I have to say it really has helped, so I thought it would be the perfect time to do the AM PM Routine tag...

What is your morning beauty routine?

I would say that, whilst I am slowly learning to get up earlier, my routine in the morning is still pretty basic. I would still rather spend that extra few minutes in bed, aimlessly scrolling through various social media. I usually wash my face using the Clinique foaming cleanser, before adding some Rimmel 9-in-1 BB Cream using my trusted beauty blender as a base. I add to this a bit of mascara and some lip balm before running out the door because I am probably already late for work.

What is for breakfast?

I think because I am definately not a morning person, I have always found it really difficult to eat breakfast. However since I have been going to the gym more regularly, I have tried to have a little something before I head out the door. Recently I have either been loving a fibre cereal bar or some greek yoghurt with granola, accompanied by a cup of tea.

Coffee or Tea?

In the mornings I am absolutely a tea person. My family would be able to tell you that without my first cup of tea, I am like the devil. I prefer having a coffee when I finish work after a long day to give me a bit of energy.

How long does it take you to get out of the door?

From start to finish, usually about 45 minutes, but this isn't by any means a relaxed 45 minutes. It's more a case of running round in panic trying to find a matching pair of shoes!

What is your go-to make up look on a fuss free morning?

I like to apply my base which I mentioned above, adding to this a pink tone blusher, a highlighter and some bronzer. For eyes I like to apply a neutral shade, normally one shade lighter than my skin to brighten my eye area and some mascara. Depending what I am doing that day I would either add a bold lipstick or just some lip balm.

What is your evening beauty routine?

I like to take my make up off as soon as I know I'm not leaving the house again so that I can let my skin breathe. A couple hours later and I will use the Garnier Micella water to take off any remaing grime, use a face mask or apply a overnight treatment. Nuxe do a really great one which I have been using recently.

Snack time! What's in the bowl?

You might have seen the blog post, but I recently signed up to graze box and am totally hooked and loving it, so I would probably have to say it would be one of their snacks.

Graze Box Blog Post

How do you wind down/ prepare for bed?

I like to just relax in a nice warm bath for a while, which I have actually recently done a video on over on my YouTube channel so I will link that video below. I usually either read a book or watch some videos on YouTube if there are quite a few in my subscription box. 

Relaxing Pamper Routine

Cosy up! What are you wearing to sleep?

I am definitely a pyjama girl - my favourite ones at the moment are any made of brushed cotton because they are super soft but not too warm. 

What are some of the things you must do before hitting the hay?

I like to have one last check of social media before I turn my phone off. I have also recently got into the habit of checking the news to keep up to date because there has recently been some really horrible things happening in the world. Then I turn my phone off and apply my badger balm sleep remedy and am probably dead to the world in a matter of minutes. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little post - I tag YOU to do it next. Either send me the links to your page or write your answers in the comments below.

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