The Truth About Blogging

Hello everyone, 

I have been wanting to do this post for a while but I have never got round to it before now. As the title might suggest, I just wanted to give you an insight into what it is really like to be run a blog. 

First of all, it takes time - lots of it. On average I spend about 10-15 hours each week on my blog and whilst this may not sound like a lot, this is in addition to be YouTube channel and working full time. When I first started my blog, I found that it ran into sleep time and I would find myself being up till one or two o'clock, either writing or planning posts. 

Those pretty picture perfect shots - You now the ones I mean - They have taken half an hour to get that one shot and you have probably resorted to standing on a ladder to get the right angle. 

I have ended up with a huge pile of things in the corner of my room that I am waiting to feature on my blog, meaning that I can't pack them away until I have got round to them. No matter how many posts I right, this pile always seems to be the same size. 

Despite all of the above, there are some really great points - the main one for me is the huge community that you become a part of. In the most-part people are more than happy to help give you advice, promote each other and generally be friendly. I haven't as of yet come across any competitiveness or harshness that some people have had. 

It becomes a huge achievement when you have at least ten blog posts scheduled and you know you have done some serious hard work. 

And lastly, especially if you are a beauty, fashion or lifestyle blogger, you have an excuse to buy things, because they are a part of the content you are creating. I have learnt over the past year or so, that if I have a blogging budget, I can purchase new products to try out without feeling guilty.

I hope you have enjoyed this little post showing you some of the truths behind the blog. 

Until next time



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