My Brow Routine

Hello everyone, 

I don't see this type of post very often but it is something that loads of us do behind the scenes, so today I thought I would share with you my brow routine. I have been shaping my brows since I was about 12 or 13 now and have gone through various different stages. By the age of 14, I had that horrible thin over-plucked look and remember having to grow them out over the summer holidays so that they could be reshaped properly. Starting back at school in the September, I managed to stick to a routine that kept them in shape but not looking over-plucked and I stuck to this routine until I was about 21.

I started to struggle to keep my brows in shape when I started blogging and working full time, finding that there just simply isn't enough hours in the day. When I started my YouTube channel I knew something had to change and that I needed a routine I could stick to. There would be no point in me talking about beauty products and doing tutorials if I had these really horrible looking eyebrows.

I first saw the wax strips by Veet in the supermarket and thought if they did what they said they would, it would be a great base to my brow routine. I took them home and decided to try them out straight away. What is great about them is that there is very little mess - mum does them for me because I would never have the courage to pull the strip off because I am a wimp when it comes to pain. I simply just stick some boiling water in a cup and place the tube of wax in there to heat up. Once the wax is hot, mum then proceeds to apply the wax to wear it is needed, applies one of the strip things you get with it and waits for a few seconds for the wax to solidify slightly. Then she pulls and boy doesn't it hurt - but only for a few seconds, by which time I am already wiping clean the area and applying the cream that comes with the wax to soothe the area. It literally takes about ten minutes in total compared to the half hour or more if my brows were being plucked. Because the area will be tender for a little while, I then don't do anything to them until the following evening, where I pluck the odd few hairs that the wax strips didn't get. 

I usually do the wax strips about every two or three weeks depending on how quickly they have grown back. In between this time, I pluck at any dark noticeable hairs as and when required to. Other than that, I simply use make up to give them even better shape, colour and definition. 

The product I have used for a couple years now is this tinted brow for blondes by Billion Dollar Brows. I love using this product because it is so easy to apply, with its mascara style wand. The only thing I would say is you don't need that much on the wand, as it is quite pigmented even for blondes. 

I have recently bought a couple products from the Rimmel Brow This Way range which I am currently trying out so I will follow this post up with a review at some point in the near future once I have put them to the test. 
In reality, what I really wanted to buy was some brow products from Benefit, but because it is out of my budget, I thought I would try some of the Rimmel ones, with both products costing me less than £5.

With Benefit's newly released range, I'm sure more brands are going to be bring out brow products and soon there will be just too many to choose from, but I would definitely say, you really don't have to spend a lot to get great brows.

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