My Make Up Tools

Hello everyone, 

I have recently been trying to de-clutter some of my make up stash and realised I had about 30 different brushes and tools that I just simply didn't use. A couple of months ago, you might remember that I bought the new Rosie For Autograph brush set and this was what I treated myself to when I reduced my hoard of make up tools. I therefore thought it would be the perfect time to share with you what I currently use. Gone are the brushes that are falling apart or the freebies I received with make up palettes but have never actually used (eye shadow sponges being the major one!)

I'm proud to say this is what I whittled it down to, ensuring that I have only kept the tools I know I'm going to use.

The first tool is my trusted eyelash curlers by EMITE. These are great because you can buy the replacement red spongy thing so that they always feel like new. I will admit that I don't always use a eyelash curler because I have quite curled lashes anyway, but when I do, this was always the pair that I reached for. 

Beauty blenders and sponges have been all the rage for the last couple of years and I certainly couldn't be without mine. I can't remember where I got the one on the left but I know I paid about £8 for it and I definately prefer it more to the one on the right which I bought in Primark. The more expensive one has a better shape on the end, making it easier to get into the corners of my eyes and when wet, is a lot easier to apply a foundation compared to the Primark one which just holds the water in. 

Onto brushes, and the first I wanted to talk about is the stippling brush from Real Techniques. I remember watching a YouTube video where they used a stippling brush and made it look so easy to apply your foundation, that I simply went straight out and bought one. I still love using it, but if I'm in a hurry, I tend to pick a beauty blender instead. 

Before I had the stippling brush, I was using a foundation brush from Eco Tools. Whilst it was good, it does apply your foundation quite thick so I now really only use it when I need more coverage.

Also by Eco Tools is the concealer brush which I use more for highlighting now rather than concealing as I use the beauty blender for this. 

In terms of eye shadow brushes, I kept three of my favourites all which in comparison are very alike but I use them for different shadows. For example, the one my Barry M I use for lighter colours, the Bellapierre one I use for glitter shadows and the Rosie for Autograph one I use for darker colours.

Onto the last few brushes and these all look very similar. Their names give you a clue as to what I use them for - The Rosie For Autograph contour brush, blusher brush and powder brush. I've also kept my Eco Tools powder brush because I find that the Rosie For Autograph brush is sometimes too big to use if I only want to apply powder to certain areas. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into what tools I like to use when applying my make up and the good news is with the amount of old tools I managed to throw away, I now have more space to store make up YAY!

Until next time



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