Lush Halloween Haul

Hello everyone and welcome back. As you can probably tell by the title, I have recently been shopping in Lush, so I thought I would share what I bought. I will admit, I am one of those people sadly, who only really go into Lush from about October - December. Of course, it is largely due to the fact that I love their Christmas ranges each year, but it is also because I think the products are quite expensive for what they are. For example, non themed bath bombs cost on average £3-£4 per item whereas I can go to Boots or Superdrug and pick up a bottle of luxury bubble bath for the same amount that I could use many more times. The reason for my recent visit was because I wanted to find out when my local Lush store was going to be stocking this years Christmas range and I was gutted to find out it would be the very next day, when I would be at work - typical. Whilst I was there though, I decided to pick out some items from the Halloween range to try, so here is what I picked up...

Okay, so the first item was actually given to me as a sample and that was a section of the Magic Wand soap, which as always smells lovely. This usually retails at £3.50, but having never tried soaps from Lush before, I am certainly excited to try it. 

The first Halloween item I saw was this really cute Pumpkin Bath Bomb which costs £3.95 but looks almost too good to use. I really just want to keep it as a decoration!

Whilst I was in there I also picked up this Northern Lights Bath Bomb, costing again £3.95. It is huge but I have to admit that I bought it solely because of its name - I have always wanted to go and see the Northern Lights.

How pretty does this Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar look (Costing £3.95). I definitely took my time deciding whether or not I was going to buy it and it was simply because of how much gold glitter there is. I'm still really nervous to use this because I don't want to go to work the next day looking like I have a really bad glitter tan!

I knew as soon as I saw this Boo Bath Melt that I was going to buy it. Not only does it look really cute but it feels super soft and I know it is going to make my skin feel like I've had a luxury treatment, all for just £3.50

Lush have made their Halloween range really cute this year and this Monsters Ball Bath Bomb is no exception, even though it cost me £4.50!

Last but not least is this Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb which looks beautiful and smells lovely too! This came in at £3.75 and I was told it will be available right up until the new year, so I'm sure I will be repurchasing this one.

I hope you have enjoyed this post - Have you bought any of the Lush Halloween range yet? If so what was your favourite? Let me know. 

Until next time 



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