Product Review: Rimmel Kate Sculpting Palette

Okay, so I have to admit, I am still quite new to the whole contouring thing. Not because I don't want to do it, but because, in the past, the few times I had tried it, I felt I didn't benefit from it and just looked a bit clown-like. In hindsight, I think I just hadn't found a palette that contained the right shades for me. My skin is quite pale and it notices straight away if I apply something that is too dark. 

Rimmel is by far my favourite drugstore brand. I always go back to their Wake Me Up foundation and I am obsessed with their lip products. I find that their products not only suit my skin, but they last and are great value for money. I first saw the Rimmel Kate sculpting palette on somebody's blog wishlist for new and upcoming products and fell instantly in love with it for its packaging. Not only is it rose gold, which of course I love, but it is also super sleek so that it fits into your handbag. The first contour palette I tried was the chissel cheeks by Barry M, which, if you have seen it, is just way to big to carry around. 
The colour I picked up was 002 Coral Glow, mainly because the blush colour was so pretty but also because the contour shade was dark enough to make a difference, without being too dark that I look like I have smeared mud on my face. For me, the contour shade was almost like the perfect bronzer colour for me, making it simple to add a little bit of definition in minutes. It blends really nicely and as of yet (touch wood), I haven't had any contour fails where I end up with a brown patch on one side. I am able to build it up until I get the look that I want, depending on whether it is day or night and what I'm going to be doing. 

When I first bought the palette, I wasn't sure that I would actually use the highlighter because I have always preferred cream highlighters rather than powdered ones. Having said this, I decided that I would give it a go and if after a couple weeks I didn't like it, I would just go back to using cream versions. What took me by surprise was the texture - although it is a powder, it is just so creamy and silky. It made it so easy to apply that I would say it is one of my favourite highlighters to use. 

This palette contains the most beautiful blush shade I have in my collection. It really is my perfect shade. In old movies they always describe ladies as these pretty English roses and this is the exact shade I always think would make this look. Again, the texture is lovely, which makes it great to apply and I love the healthy glow finish it leaves. 

Despite it being in small packaging, it has lasted so well. I have pretty much used it on a daily basis for about a month and still haven't hit the pan yet so it is definitely well worth the money. Also, with Christmas coming up, this would make a great gift for someone who is just starting out with make up because on the back of the product, there are clear and easy to follow instructions showing you were to place is product on your face to create the right look. 

The Rimmel Kate Sculpting palette is available at various drugstores and supermarkets and retails at roughly £6.99, but is usually on offer for less. 

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