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Hello everyone, welcome back. As the title suggests, I have been checking out the new Zoella Lifestyle range and have picked up a few bits. I wouldn't say that I am a super fan or anything, I go through phases were I will watch Zoella's videos but most of the time I don't bother because they tend to be a bit too long for me. 

Having said this, I was on my day off scrolling through twitter when I saw a tweet by Superdrug saying that the new Zoella Lifestyle range was now available online. I had already watched the video Zoella posted on your channel talking you through all the products in the apartment, so I already new the items I wanted to buy if I got the chance. So without further ado, here is what I bought...

So the first thing I purchased was the journal, which I will admit I was undecided about buying. Its a textured journal with once upon a time written in gold on the front cover, with a pink elastic strip to keep it closed. I'm ashamed to say this, but the main reason I wanted to get it was because inside the front cover is two marble effect pages and I thought this would be perfect for the background of blog photos. Also inside are a few pages that have quotes on them such as the ones below. 


As pretty as the journal is, I am note sure that I would normally pay £14 for a journal as its a little expensive for what is essentially a notebook.

The next item I purchased was one of the fragrance candles. I chose the Gingerbread Village one which I thought would be perfect for Autumn/Winter and I have to say it smells amazing, although I am yet to burn it so I don't know how strong it will be. 

In contrast to the journal, the candle is priced at £10 which I think is great expecially when you look at the packaging, it just has that more expensive look about it.Plus how cute do the little gingerbread houses look!

When you open the box up which unfolds, it is such a great suprise when you see that the box is as beautifully designed inside as well as outside. The simple looking candle is really effective look when you see the decoration on the box in the background.

Sticking with the scent theme, I also picked up one of the reed diffuser's which came in at £12 which again is really affordable. I have recently really been loving reed diffuser's recently because it means that the house can smell lovely without having to burn candles. There were so many different fragances to choose from but I decided on the Homemade Treats one because I thought it would be perfect to sit in the kitchen to give the illusion that I actually bake!

Last but not least is the item that actually made me buy the Zoella Lifestyle items and that is this set with the gloves and travel mug. I will admit I wasn't that bothered about the gloves to be honest but I really wanted the travel mug when I saw it on Zoella's Lifestyle apartment tour video.  It came in at £14 which again I thought was a little pricey, especially considering I probably won't use the gloves much, however, I had my heart set on the travel mug so I knew I would end up caving in and buying it. 

This little lot set me back a huge £50, which made me stop adding anything else to my basket. If my budget would have allowed me to, I think I would have also picked up the stationary set and the pot set but I just simply couldn't justify spending anymore. Have you picked up any of the items in the Zoella Lifestyle range yet, if so what is your favourite item?

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