Face Of The Day - Sunday Edition

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 Onto today's post and as the title suggests, I thought I would quickly share with you what make up I am wearing today. I love wearing make up on Sunday's because I usually have more time to apply it so that I can try something different. As this was the case today, and I was so happy with the outcome, I thought it would be the perfect time to take through what I've used. 

Once I cleansed my face, I reached for the NYX stay matte but not flat foundation in the colour SMF04 and applied it with my damp beauty blender. I love using this foundation at the weekends because it gives a light coverage to create a more natural look. I don't usually use it during the week when I'm working because it only stays on for about four hours before you need to apply more, which during the week, I'm not able to do. 

I've recently been suffering with some breakouts, so to hide this, I chose my all time favourite concealer - Illuminating Touch by Collection in the shade 2 natural. This is great because it has a twist action so you only apply the amount you need and the formula is so moisursing that it doesn't clump around where my problem areas are which a lot of other concealers I have tried tend to do. 

Then onto eye shadow and I first selected two shades from my new Essence all about nudes eyeshadow palette. The first is the top left one with is just a really natural look that I like to use as a base, the second being the darker beige colour that I like to use on the outer section and in the crease. I then decided to add a little bit more in the form of my favourite eye product of the moment - Rimmel Kate eyeshadow stick in the colour 100 Rose Gold. I applied this almost like you would if you were applying a thick line of eyeliner on your lid and then proceeded to blend it out. 

I hate to admit it but I very rarely add any product to my brows because I just can't seem to find the right shade for me - they all seem just that little bit too dark. However, I have recently been using Rimmel's Brow this way sculpting kit, which, with a little blending create a good colour for me. 

I then decided that I wanted to add a little bit of highlighter for a change so I reached for my favourite Kryolan for Glossybox highlighter in the shade cashmere. This is such a creamy formula that it literally glides onto my skin with little effort, especially with this very cute little blenders I recently bought from Primark. 

For blush, I picked out Clinique's blushing blush powder in the shade iced lotus, which is a colour I don't normally use but I have to say, have fallen in love with in recent weeks. We are almost there I promise!

For mascara, I actually used two - the first being the Black Magic drama and curl mascara on my top lashes and the second being the classic Rimmel 100% waterproof mascara on the bottom. This is simply because the shape of the Black Magic mascara wand makes it just too difficult to apply on my bottom lashes. 

To finish the look off I applied my new velvet matte lipstick crayon from Primark in the shade nude beach which I am loving for Autumn. 

And there you have what I'm wearing on my face today. I hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to leave me any comments down below and I will be back very soon with another post.

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  1. I love the finished look! The lipstick crayon looks so pretty :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  2. You're so pretty! I love. The format of this post such a great blog series idea - www.teaisawishyourheartmakes.wordpress.com 💖


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