On The 1st Day Of Blogmas

Hello everyone and welcome back. You might have already guessed by the title but yes I have decided to blogmas again this year. I will admit that I was very undecided for a whilst as to whether I was going to do it because I really wanted to do vlogmas this year. But I thought why not? I can pre-write and schedule my posts in advance so that I can concentrate on vlogging during December. 

I can't believe it is December already! I hope you enjoy the next 24 days of blog posts and would love it if you could check out my YouTube channel as well. Subscribing/ following both would mean the world to me, hint hint. 

All that's left to say is see you tomorrow for the first of this year's gift guides. 

Until then



  1. I can't wait to read the rest of your posts this month, and I'll check out your channel as well. I'm not big on YouTube but vlogmas is a favorite of mine! I'm doing blogmas on my page if you wanted to check it out!

    xoxo Lex // LexMeetsWorld


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