On The 9th Day Of Blogmas...

... My Christmas Traditions!

I absolutely love Christmas (In case you hadn't already noticed) and have a few traditions that I do every year, without even thinking about it. 

The last weekend of November, we always go to our local Christmas Tree farm to pick up some wreaths and usually spend a lot in their decoration shop. I add the year to each decoration that I buy, I don't know why, but I love looking back and seeing how old some of the decorations are.

As soon as 1st December arrives, my Christmas jumpers and leggings come out of the Narnia that is my wardrobe. Once I have these on, I can then decorate the tree, complete with Christmas music playing. 

It wouldn't be Christmas without going to a Christmas carol service. I love singing along to all the songs I used to sing at school and meeting up with people that I haven't seen for a while. It is usually followed by an alcoholic beverage or three. 

I started two new traditions last year - one being doing Blogmas. The other is visiting the Christmas street a few miles away. The whole street puts up Christmas lights and makes it look really magical. The money they raise goes towards helping local charities. 

I have started one new one so far this year - Vlogmas. I have really been enjoying doing it so far and would love it if you would subscribe to my channel . 

I am also trying to reach 20 followers on Bloglovin - I'd love for you to help me.


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