January In Photo's

Hello everyone, can you believe it is the end of January already! This month has flown by in a blur and I feel like I haven't managed to achieve all the things I have wanted to. For today's post I thought I would simply share some of my favourite pictures taken in January and I hope to try and make this a regular thing.

I was lucky enough to wake up to some beautiful sunrises this month but this one was definitely my favourite. 

I decided that I wanted to get out in the fresh air more this month and have loved going for walks in the country and at the beach.

I think someone else enjoyed playing in the sand too!

Of course there was time for a quick snap 

This is one of my favourite pictures of Trixie. She was just so tired that she actually allowed me to take her picture. 

I love the face she is pulling in this one too!

I am absolutely obsessed with embroidered sweatshirts at the moment and this one from Primark is by far my favourite. 

My healthy eating went out of the window when I decided to treat myself to a full English breakfast. Although I am sad to say this is actually one of only two days where I have actually eaten breakfast. It's something I definitely want to work on in February. 

Finally, I love this photo that I took yesterday when at the beach. I have learnt to make the most of my free time and take a few snaps along the way to collect the memories made. I know this has meant that I am not blogging as frequently and regularly as I used to, however, I feel happier in myself and for the first time in a while, blogging feels like a hobby again and not just a chore. 

Until next time



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