My Goals For 2017

Happy New Year!

I hope you have all had a great time so far. I spent most of today in bed (I think I'm getting a cold) so that is why this post is slightly later than planned.

You may remember from last year that I don't want to do resolutions anymore because I never stick to them and they are usually forgotten by the end of January. Instead, last year I came up with a series of goals that I wanted to achieve to make me a better person.

I chose six goals last year that I tried to stick to throughout the year and I think I did okay. I have stopped biting my nails which for me was something I had been trying to do for years. It now means that I can use all my pretty nail polishes more often. In terms of eating healthier, I think I fell off the bandwagon when I can back from my holiday in May, so that is something I need to work on again. Its the same with 'keeping up with my gym routine' because by the summer this was pretty much non-existent. I think I did okay in terms of saving money and making better choices with where I save and where I splurge - although keeping a gym membership running and not going doesn't count right!

I have gone through phases this year in terms of selling on eBay. I went through a period where I sold lots and that spurred me on, but I definitely think I could do better. I'm thinking I want to also try Depop but I'm slightly sceptical because I'm not sure how covered you are in terms of if a buyer says they haven't received an item.

The last goal I had for 2016 was to visit new places that I hadn't been too before and I have to say I think I pretty much failed at this one. In fact, I think I only visited one new place when we went to Combe Martin so I certainly need to improve on that this year.

I want to build on the goals that I had last year and I also want to create some more. The first is I want to have a holiday somewhere within the UK. I know this may seem a bit strange but I haven't had a proper holiday in the UK since I was three years old and with everything that is currently going on in the world, I think I would prefer to stay in the country.

I also want to loose some more weight, ideally dropping two dress sizes so that I feel happier in my clothes. I am also enlisting the help of my dog Trixie because I know she needs to loose a bit of weight as well so I'm hoping we can find new walks to go on.

One of the most exciting goals this year is I hope to be in my own home by Christmas! We are currently looking into mortgages and how much we can afford so that we can start looking at places. I can't wait although I keep seeing homely things that I want to buy but can't because I don't know how much space we will have. This brings me onto another goal, that I need to de-clutter and slim down my belongings because I simply have too much to move. I'm thinking that if I do it gradually, it won't be such a messy rush when we do finally move.

I also want to finally learn to drive but I will probably start that a bit later in the year. I have been putting it off for ages but there are so many places that I want to go to but at the moment, I'm having to rely on other people to get me there. I would also like to be able to visit some of my friends that live out of town because at the moment, I'm relying on them visiting me all the time and I feel like that's not fair.

My last goal is that I want to concentrate more on my blog and YouTube videos. Over the past couple of months it has felt a bit more of a chore and it started to feel like everyone was doing the same content. For this year, I have decided that I want to post whatever content I feel like without feeling like I have to please everyone. I'm hoping this will enable me to do more lifestyle content as I'm now at a point where things are changing and it would certainly feel more real. I'm hoping to do monthly round up reports like I used to with my weekly ones because I always loved writing those and reflecting on what has happened.

I'd love to know what your goals are for 2017 so let me know. I'm hoping to set some more goals as the year continues so hopefully you will have some inspiring ideas. I'm hoping to grow my followers on bloglovin and would love if you would hit that magic follow button!Clickable Link Here

Until next time



  1. Goals, I'm hoping you keep them! I'm right there with you on dropping some more weight for myself. Here's to us and to sticking to it! :)

    S .x

  2. Wow, quite the set of goals! Would be so amazing if you achieve them all! I would definitely love to be a healthier and happier version of myself this year and also travel more!

  3. You've got some exciting things happening in the next year! Potentially a house and maybe a car (fingers crossed!)
    Happy new year :)
    Rosie x

  4. Aw, I loved reading through this post. I hope 2017 is a good year for you x


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