New Year Tag

1. What is the favourite thing that happened last year?

Purchasing my new camera was by far. It's meant that I can take some really great photos and capture memories. It's also given me more inspiration to take better blog photos.

2. What was your biggest beauty change last year?

Trying new lipstick colours. Beforehand, I used to generally stick to 'your lips but better' colours but I have since found that I love red and plum colours more!

3. What was your favourite song of 2016?

Sax by Fleur East

4. What was your favourite trend?

I don't think I followed any trends as such but I have definitely continued the trend of ugg boots and skinny jeans.

5. Did you have a new years resolution last year and did you stick to it?

I did mostly although a couple of them were more successful than others.

6. What are you most looking forward to this year?

Hopefully moving into my very own house. I'm starting to feel like an adult finally!

7. What is your new years resolution this year?

Yes, I made a few. You can read all about them in my recent 2017 goals post.

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