February In Photos

Hello everyone, hope you have had a great February. I thought I would give you a little update, because, if you haven't seen on my twitter, I am currently having some laptop troubles. I never realised it would take so long for a new battery to arrive but that's a whole other story. For this reason, I obviously haven't been able to keep up with my normal blog schedule, which is really annoying because I had some really good posts planned for this month. I will hopefully be back properly very soon (I'm currently borrowing a friends laptop to write this) but in the meantime, here is what I gt up to in February...

I went to snowdrop valley last year and really enjoyed myself, so as soon as it was open, I wanted to visit straight away.

It's a mixture of pretty views with rather intense walks but I absolutely love being out in the countryside and had great fun trying to walk up a muddy hill! Visiting snowdrop valley also marks my one year anniversary on YouTube - I can't believe how quickly that time has gone!

February contained a lot of walks, partly because I am back on the health & fitness wagon and more because I spent so much money on my new battery that I simply cannot afford to spend anymore money. A walk along the river and watching the sunset was just what I needed after a long day at work. 

I think someone else has been enjoying our walks too, although I think she is a little tired. 

Can you believe I took this photo whilst Storm Doris was happening. It was such a beautiful view even if the wind was incredible. I had such a lovely time on the pier but other than that I didn't buy anything which makes a change!
Despite not having much money this month and a lot of stress going on behind the scenes, I have also spent February making lots of plans for both my blog and YouTube Channel as well as just general exciting things for the spring/summer. Once again, thanks for all your support and patience, I will be back as soon as possible. 

Until next time



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