Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

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So I don't normally go all out on Valentine's day and although me and my fiance normally get each other a little something and maybe go out for a meal, we don't really do anything else. However, this year, I have been really looking forward to events like Valentine's day and Easter and I feel like I want to make the most of them and celebrate. I therefore thought I would put together a few of my top picks for gifts ideas and today is all about the woman in your life. 

I have decided to do them in a slightly different format to how I normally do my Christmas gift guides. Instead of showing you as specific item, this time I thought I would just include some general ideas so that you can make them more tailored to fit you. 

1. Take her for a meal at her favourite restaurant

2. Buy her some bath products - Lush do some really great ones for Valentine's day and the staff there are always really helpful.

3. Buy an experience - If she is into animals why not buy a keeper experience or if she's more adventurous why not buy tickets for Go Ape.

4. Book a weekend away somewhere and spend the time together. There are some really great deals around at the moment, so why not take advantage of them.

5. Buy a gift voucher for Boux Avenue or somewhere similar - Guys, I'm sorry but what you think looks great is not necessary something that us women would wear. Instead why not let us choose something ourselves and choosing somewhere slightly more expensive means that you still treating us because we wouldn't necessarily spent so much money on underwear, no matter how pretty. 

6. Afternoon tea is always a great choice - even if its not something you would normally do, it's lovely to just spent time with you and cake is just a bonus!

7. Why not buy tickets for a concert or event that we can look forward to and make memories together.

8. Diamonds will always be a girls best friend, but chocolate is high on the list as well so there is something suitable for every budget.

Hope this helps!

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