New Update - No Chocolate

Hello everyone, I wanted to give you a little update. I will admit that I'm not a very religious person, however, even as a child, I was brought up to give something up for Lent and this has continued throughout my teens and into my adult years. In previous years, I have given up things like crisps and sweets but this year, I have decided to give up chocolate. 

I'm hoping that, not only will I kick the terrible habit of eating chocolate after work each day, but I will hopefully loose a little bit of weight and feel less sluggish. I still feel like I need to fill the void though, so please send me any recommendations for healthy snacks so that I don't munch on unhealthy things. 

Are you giving up anything for Lent? If so I'd love to know. To keep up to date with my journey make sure you are following me on the all of my platforms

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