Ropa UK Haul

Hello everyone, I recently bought a couple of new pieces of jewellery and I wanted to share what I got with you because I love them so much!

The company I bought them from is called Ropa UK. I first heard about them from It's Em channel who has had some lovely pieces from them over the last few months. I started off by following them on instagram, where they suddenly posted a photo of a necklace I just simply knew I was going to buy...

So this is the culprit - I just simply couldn't resist. How pretty does it look! Its a mixed metals necklace and is made up of gold, silver and rose gold finish with the chain itself silver. It is such a wearable piece of jewellery and goes with anything - I know this because I can't stop wearing it! This necklace comes in at £5, YES £5!! Such a bargain for a really pretty necklace. 

Because I was going to be placing an order, I decided that I would treat myself to one more piece to make the order worthwhile and so I chose this cupids arrow ring in rose gold. Its a really subtle ring but it certainly stands out and of course I love the rose gold colour. What is great about it is that you can adjust the ring so it will fit any size finger and it cost just £3.50! 

Both pieces of jewellery are beautifully made and, despite the cost, haven't left any marks on my skin. This is such an affordable place to shop for jewellery that I know for certain that I will be buying from there again very soon. Ropa UK also release jewellery boxes for every season so I definitely want to buy one of those when the next one comes out in May.

Be sure to check out Ropa UK because they sell much more than jewellery!

Until next time



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