23 Things I've Learnt In 23 Years

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of posts recently but I wanted to take a little bit of time away from my blog to concentrate more on my YouTube Channel as well as have a bit more me time & do the things I really wanted to do. 

It is actually my 23rd birthday as your reading this and so I thought I would make a list (I love lists by the way) of all the things I have learnt over the years. 

1. Sometimes things don't go to plan, however they are not mistakes, just life lessons

2. Although you may have one large goal for the year, make lots of little daily, weekly & monthly ones so that life doesn't pay you by

3. Sometimes people do deserve a second change, after all we do all make the wrong choice

4. Follow your gut instinct and if something doesn't feel right then it probably isn't. 

5. As long as you believe in yourself, you will get where you want to be

6. We are all knocked back at some point in our lives but the most important thing is how you recover from this and move forward

7. Make your body strong not thin - Why spend days going without certain things in order to look thin. Nobodies body is the same so having a body goal to look like someone else is not going to work. Instead, focus on what YOUR body can achieve

8. Don't stress over little things, instead focus on the bigger picture

9. It's okay to want to spend time on your own. Your not a loner, you are simply just enjoying your own company for a while

10. Take pictures of those little moment, its surprising how they can be forgotten when times are busy

11. Look after your skin always. From taking your make up off to drinking more water, looking after your skin is a must if you want to look as well as feel healthier and confident

12. You don't have to be a people pleaser to be liked. Sometimes it's better to be honest (in a positive way) rather than go along with something just to be liked

13. Friends will come and go but true friends will always remain, no matter the distance or how often you talk

14. You can say no if you don't want to do something.This is much better than making excusing as to why you can't do something all the time. 

15. People will change and sometimes that change causes you to drift apart but that's okay

16. Bad things do happen. Whats important is how you react to them and how you personally can make a situation better

17. Smiling & laughing will make your day better and that of people around you. A good mood creates a happy atmosphere

18. Listen to your body. If it wants that chocolate bar, treat it to one. You know your limits and your body will tell you when you have had enough

19. If you wake up full of dread about something you have to do each day, change it. Life is too short to be doing something that makes you unhappy

20. Make sure you have the right work/life balance. Although it may feel like you are always working, its probably because you aren't doing enough fun things in your spare time. Go for that walk along the beach or to see that new movie

21. I will never be a career girl, instead I just work to fund my lifestyle and to afford pretty things

22. Don't always believe what people say, instead watch their actions and see what they actually do

23. Live life to the full with no regrets and do what makes you happy

I hope you have enjoyed this little post, it has definitely made me feel more mature writing down the things that I have come to realise. I'm off now to enjoy the rest of my birthday but I hope you are all having an amazing Easter weekend. I will be back very soon with a belated March in photo's post but in the meantime don't forget to check out my latest video on my YouTube Channel Please subscribe if you haven't done so already, it would mean the world to me.

Until next time



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