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Hello everyone, I'm back with a little quick post today because I thought I would share with you the products I always keep my bedside. These are my staple products that never really change but I use them pretty much everyday. 

I keep them in this gorgeous draw string make up back from Sanctuary Spa which has this beautiful floral pattern with birds on all over it. What is great about it being draw string is that it is so easy to get to the products inside, even when it is dark. 

So here is the products I have got in there at the moment. Whilst the brands might change over time, the idea of each product stays the same. So first of all is the feet, which I have two products for. The first is the Heel Genius by Soap & Glory which, whilst I love, it can be really greasy and so I don't always want to use it. I therefore also have the Scholl Velvet Smooth Night Mask which is one of my all time favourites. I usually keep the cotton socks that go with these here as well but they are currently in the wash. I am constantly on my feet all day and so the only time I get to pamper them is during the night so a night mask is a really useful product and the results from the Scholl one are amazing. 

Next up is a hand cream and I will admit that I am not that fussy when it comes to hand creams as long as they smell great. For ages I used the Zoella one however that has recently run out and so I am currently using one from Sanctuary Spa which smells of their luxury signature scent. I also have a nail file just in case I feel like my nails could use a little extra pampering. 

I always keep a hair bobble nearby because sometimes, I just want to put my hair up and at least keeping it here, I always know where to find one. 

I love wearing lipsticks so at night, I always try to hydrate my lips, which is why I have two products to choose from. The first is an intense moisturiser by Blistex which is great for when your lips are already dry and sore. This product nourishes them back to normal and works more as a cream than a balm. My favourite balm is the one by Carmex which I apply religiously every night and leave to soak in so that in the morning, my lips feel soft and smooth. 

I also keep a breath spray nearby because, if for example, I have had something with garlic the night before, despite brushing my teeth and using mouthwash before bed, I feel like I can still taste and smell it the next morning, so a quick spray of this in the morning is essential. I have also found that it makes me feel more awake once the minty taste hits me so anything that will wake me up more in the morning has got to be good right? 

Saving the best till last is my sleep remedies. I sometimes find it difficult to fall asleep, probably because I spend too much time on my phone beforehand rather than relaxing. So to combat this, rather than turning my phone, iPad and laptop off an hour earlier, I use a sleep remedy instead. The first is my all time favourite Badger Balm. They do a huge range of other remedies that I really want to try but for now I just have the sleep remedy. This honestly has me asleep in minutes and it is a lovely deep sleep as well so I always feel rested in the morning. I also received the Champneys version as a gift a while back and will admit that this one works great as well and smells more like your in a spa. I certainly wouldn't go anywhere without either of these two products. 

Do you have any beauty essentials that you keep by your bed or anything that you would recommend me trying? If so let me know. 

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