Why I chose an apprenticeship over college

Hello everyone! I thought I would talk about something a bit different on my blog today and of course the title gives it away. 

When I was sixteen and just about to leave school, there was so much pressure to go to college and do a two year course but personally, I just simply couldn't face spending anymore time stuck in a classroom learning. I had had enough of schooling and wanted to be part of the adult world. I felt I was ready to get job and so started to look at options. 

One of the options open to me was to do an apprenticeship. I was very lucky that I already knew someone who worked for an apprenticeship provider and so after speaking to them, found an employer who was willing to let me work in their company, whilst learning and gaining qualifications along the way. 

I arrived for my first day of work half an hour early and shaking terribly because I was so nervous. This was such a big step and although I felt it was the next step for me, I was still unsure about what the people would be like and what I would have to do that day. Of course, being an apprentice, my first job was to make everybody drinks, which I had expected. My trainer then arrived and I had to complete three tests and go through various booklets as well as health and safety aspects. I was given more booklets to complete over the next few weeks that would be handed in when my trainer returned in a couple of weeks. Before I knew it, it was lunchtime and I was already halfway through my first day. 

After lunch, it was time to work in the shop. My first job was to make sure everything sold that morning had been topped up, which was a great training exercise for me. Not only did it help me find where everything was kept but it also gave me an insight into what types of products were sold. It meant that when I got home, I was able to fill in a large section of the booklets I had been given, straight away. I was then asked to assist customers to find the right products for them, however, I didn't actually process anything through the till for about three weeks. 

For me, I found that I really enjoyed working and didn't realise I was learning as much as I was. Every month I would complete another exam and fill in more booklets and this continued for a year. At the end of the year, I had qualifications in retail, customer service and health and safety and was offered a full time job.

Although I do feel like I missed out on the social side of college, I do think I not only learnt a lot from my job but also from the people I worked with. They were all slightly older than me and so I learnt about a lot of more grown up things too. I also found that I had more money than a lot of my friends and so was able to buy more things and go on more days out so overall I think it was the right choice for me. 

I hope you enjoyed this little post

Until next time



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