New Direction For The Kelly Diane Report

Hello everyone, for today's post, I wanted to sit down and have a little chat with you about my blog and about the direction I would like it to go in. I have run this blog, on and off for four years and I will admit that recently, its been more off than on. Over those four years, that whole blogging world has changed and expanded so much and you can now get some great opportunities arise. Having said this, it has also meant that there are a lot more bloggers than previously and standards are now extremely high. You have to have an amazing theme, great photos, fresh content and post regularly to stay in the game. 

I mentioned a while ago that I didn't feel motivated to write posts and found that I lacked inspiration. Whilst I have since gone on to write more posts, I haven't felt that I wanted to jump straight back in and blog as much as I use to. I always try to be honest with my readers, so I will admit that over the last couple of months, I have thought that maybe my blog had reached its limit and that I should close it down. But then I thought no, when I'm in the right mood, I enjoy writing posts and I love the friendships and support the blogging community offers. 

It got me thinking about what I wanted my blog to be about, because, after all, as my own personal space, I could write anything! I think this is where I have been struggling with content because there has been some things that I have wanted to write about but felt that I couldn't because it wouldn't suit the audience that I had. Then I thought why couldn't I? I know that some posts aren't going to be for everyone, but if I'm blogging about my life, why should I feel like I needed to block certain things out. 

Some of you may not be aware, but I am very much an aviation enthusiast, geek, plane spotter - whatever you want to call it. This means that a large part of my summer is taken up by going to airshows, open days and such but I've always felt that I couldn't blog about this because its not 'girly'. As much as I've tried to blog about what I take for a day out in my bag or my summer essentials (for sitting at the end of a runway I might add!) there is only so many posts I can write, because every year is the same. 

Its the same with my Instagram where I am trying to balance photos of my everyday life, make up, and aviation photos that I'm proud of taking. I was getting comments about why would I put planes on there from some people and the mick taken out of me by aviation friends for posting a photo of a lipstick - I just can't win!

I have therefore come to the decision that I can't please everyone and I know I am going to loose some of my audience who either don't agree or simply don't like the aviation part of my life but that's okay. I started my blog all those years ago as a place for me to write about anything I wanted to, about my life in general but over time, it became more about make up and skincare. Whilst I'm still going to blog about beauty related things, I actually don't wear make up about 70% of the time so I feel like I want to write about something else and that something else is me. 

I am no  longer going to think to myself, I can't blog about that. Instead, I am going to focus on the things I enjoy, so yes there will be some aviation and military content, there will be health and fitness related things and of course there will be beauty and skincare posts too because I want it to be all about my life, the good, the bad and the ugly! 

But don't worry, I'm not going to write a post all about the ins and outs of a certain plane, I just want to simply be able to say I went to this airshow, I took some photos I'm really proud of and here they are. 

My YouTube Channel will probably go the same way as well to a certain extent. I have really enjoyed vlogging over the past few months and am starting to feel confident enough to try vlogging at more public events. But I felt like I couldn't upload some vlogs because they were not beauty related and sometimes contained airshow footage. I have really enjoyed making videos for my channel but I don't really have anywhere specific that I can set up to film a sit down video and a lot of the time there are people coming and going in the house and so I am unable to film. I did start to wonder whether I should give up the whole YouTube thing as well but decided against it. I will occasionally film sit down videos mainly because I love doing monthly favourites and hauls but I think my main videos are going to be vlogging style, not only because they are easier to do, but because they are some of my favourite videos to watch. 

I hope you don't mind the change in the format of my content and hope that you will join me in this new direction on the blog. I will leave all of my links down below so make sure you are following/ subscribed to them.

Until next time



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