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Hello everyone, so I have wanted to buy some products from Bomb Cosmetics for a really long time. I learn using bath bombs to relax after a hard day, but have begun to find that the Lush bath bombs that I usually buy are just getting too expensive for me to warrant using. Lets face it, the cost of one Lush bath bomb is the same if not more than a whole bottle of bubble bath that you can use over and over.

I have looked at the Bomb Cosmetics website quiet a few times over the past couple of months but could never decide which ones to choose. I even ended up putting all the things I liked the look of into my basket - it totalled about 90 items at a cost of about £50. Its safe to say I didn't place that order but I did recently place a small order, which has now arrived, so I thought I would share with you want I chose...

Porcelain Peony

Goodnight Honey

Pink Rosebud Heart

Crazy After Dark

Darling Buds

Chasing Butterflies

Love Junkie

So that's everything that I have bought, I can't wait to try them all out and let you know what I think. First impressions are they all look really cute, the smell amazing and they are contained individually in plastic packaging so even if they get damaged or crumble, they aren't going to make a mess everywhere. 

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