July Update - Where Have I Been - Part 1

Hello everyone, so it has been a while since I've posted on here, but I have just been so busy that I haven't had a chance to think about writing any blog posts. I therefore thought I would give you an overview of what I have been up to this month...

So at the beginning of the month, I had to work several evenings and so although, I can't talk about this for obvious reasons, by the end of that first week I was pretty tired yet I didn't have an option to rest as we were attending a couple of shows that weekend. 

Yeovilton Air Day

The first of these shows was Yeovilton Air Day, which, as its local, has been an event I try to attend every year. This year in particular, they had a great static line up as well as wonderful flying displays. We also stood and listened to several military bands perform and got to talk to some of the pilots and their ground crew about the aircraft and the roles they play. The weather started off cloudy but by the afternoon, the sun came through and I will admit that I ended up looking a little burnt. 

As well as the aircraft displays, there is also plenty of stalls to look around, classic vehicles, military vehicles as well as brand new sports cars (I had my eye on a Porsche!) For me, Yeovilton has always been a great day out, even if I am bias as I class it as my home base. Here are just a handful of the photos that I took...

Duxford Flying Legends 

We got home from Yeovilton on the Saturday at about 7pm and were back in the car on the Sunday morning at a painful 5am, ready to go to the flying legends airshow held at Duxford. Duxford put on various different shows throughout the year but the Flying Legends is all about vintage and 1940s which are some of my favourite ones to watch. In addition to all the war birds, the Red Arrows opened the show, although there was a slight pause in their display at one point due to somebody flying to within their airspace. Again, as well as a huge line of static aircraft and flying displays, there is also plenty to see and do on the ground, including visiting each section of the museum (Imperial War Museum). Another highlight for me was taking a look at some of the remote control planes that people had brought along. The time and effort that goes into making these are amazing but I don't think I would ever have the guts to fly one just in case I broke it! 

Flying Legends is held over two days, both the Saturday & the Sunday, with thousands of visitors on both days. I have had a few comments and messages about me attending airshows, which I think are related to the tragic events that took place at Shoreham a couple years ago. Therefore, before I share a couple of the photos I took at the Flying Legends show, I just wanted to address it before I receive anymore messages...

I am aware that people, like myself, attending airshows has been deemed by some to be an act of stupidity, as if I'm paying to watch someone fly dangerously before crashing and injuring other people. Yes, like with Shoreham, accidents do happen, but they can also happen at car shows, theme parks, circus trips - they all come with their risks. Because of the nature of airshows, there are various safety measures that are put in place, including the height and distance away from the crowd line at which they can fly. The pilots themselves are incredibly skilled so that if there is any problems, they can try to rectify them as soon as possible. To put this into perspective, I wanted to share with you what happened at the Flying Legends show because due to no loss of life, they weren't publicised greatly. On the Saturday, P-51 Mustang known as Berlin Express was in mid flight when all of a sudden the hood disintegrated, with the debris from this damaging the tail. Nobody, including the pilot was hurt and a lot of people watching weren't aware anything had gone wrong. Berlin Express was on static display on the Sunday where you could quite clearly see the damage to the tail, yet its hardly been mentioned in the press. 
On the Sunday, we were watching the famous Balbo display which is a mass fly past just some of the war birds. As they were coming in to land, we all noticed that one of them was coming down at a odd angle, and rather sharply. The pilot, aware something was wrong, steered the plane into a nearby field to conduct an emergency landing. Again, nobody was hurt and nothing was really mentioned about it. Fields such as the one used for the emergency landing are part of the plan for an airshow - there are several surrounding areas that are closed off to the public so that if they need to be used in an emergency they can be, but sadly, the press never report this information, only when there has been a tragic accident. 
But enough off that, here are some of the photos I took from the Flying Legends show...

As this post is already super long, I'm going to split it down into two parts, with the second part going up very soon so make sure you are following me on all of my accounts so you don't miss future posts.

Until next time



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