July Update - Where Have I Been - Part 2

Hello everyone and welcome to part two of my July update. The first part was so long that I'm hoping this one is going to be a little shorter!


July has been a very difficult month for me in someways because I have had a lot going on at home as well as attending the various different shows. Two very close members of my family haven't been in the best of health and so there has been a lot of stress and worry about them. This has caused my own health to take a turn because I have felt like I haven't wanted to eat much, I haven't been able to sleep, my skin is in the worst condition it has been in a while and I'm just feeling generally run down. I am now taking steps to get back on track, however, I know its going to take time, so expect some pamper product reviews coming up very soon!

The Royal International Air Tattoo

This is the biggest event by far on the airshow calendar, and is one that I have attended for as long as I can remember. This year we chose to attend the Friday, Saturday & Sunday and stayed at nearby Tetbury. Originally, I was going to vlog this event, but with all the stress I had been through in the weeks previously, I decided against it. I am, however, hoping to vlog an airshow in September, so keep your eyes peeled for that on my YouTube channel 

The static displays go on for miles at Riat and the flying displays last the whole day yet there is plenty more things to do as well. Hundreds of stalls to browse and spend money, the vintage village takes you back in time, whilst the RAF village and techno zone show you the latest technology. 

Whilst the weather wasn't great for part of it, I still had an amazing time, meeting up with friends and making some new ones too! So here are a few of the many photos (I took over 4000!)...

The rest of the month has mainly been spent going through the photos I took and editing them, which is why I have been a lot quieter not only on the blogging front but also on the social media side of things, however, I am now back, so make sure you are following me on all my social media which I will leave linked down below. 

Until next time



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