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I have recently been trying to step up my fitness routine and exercise consistently and I think it is finally paying off. When I first started thinking more about my fitness, I found it difficult to find anything that I could follow or understand that would give me the basics to start. There were plenty of posts and videos showing all of these amazing people that have great bodies and are really strong but that wasn't me. I was somebody who, if I think back, probably got out of breathe going up the stairs. What I needed was a little guidance and advice so that I could work out a programme that I could cope with but one that would challenge me at the same time. 

Get Gorgeous Guide By Carly Rowena

As soon as a paperback version of this was available, I ordered it straight away. I keep it close by so that its always there to remind me to work out. I use the workouts inside this programme 3 times a week. Sometimes this is after a gym workout, sometimes this will be the only exercise I do that day, it just depends solely on how I feel. 

Gym Time

I never thought I would say this but I actually enjoy spending time at the gym. Don't get me wrong, its still a struggle to get there but once I'm inside, I go for it. When I leave the gym, I feel more motivated to eat better because I don't want to put all that hard work to waste. 

I split my gym workouts into different sections:

Cardio - I choose from either the bike & rowing machine or the cross trainer to get my blood pumping and to warm up. I usually spent about 10-15 minutes on this. 

Stretching - I do some light stretches once I'm warm up so that I don't cause any injuries on the next section. 

Weights - I either do legs or arms, with 2 sets of 30 reps because this is what works best for my body. Other people do more sets with less reps in each but it is solely down to how you feel and how your body copes with the stress it is being put through. 
On my legs I currently lift about 50kg but on my arms I can only just about manage 15-20kg but it is something that I am working on.

Treadmill - I always finish off with a brisk walk on the treadmill with a slight incline so that I can keep my muscles moving for a bit longer and get the blood flowing back into them. I never actually run on the treadmill but I do always feel better after a brisk walk, where after about 8 minutes I drop both the incline and the speed to start cooling my body down.

Stretching - I finish off my gym workout by doing a few more stretches so that my muscles don't bulk out because that is definitely not the look I am trying to achieve. 


I try to get up early and go swimming once a week before work because I find its a great way to start the day and get energised. I've always been somebody who loves swimming and spend about 80% of any holiday abroad in the swimming pool. 


Having a dog makes walking more part of my routine but even when I haven't got Trixie with me, I love to just go for a walk in the fresh air. I usually try to do this with my mum once a week after tea where we can have a chat, talking about what we have been up to and what plans we have. I feel like walking has now become a huge part of my routine now and I will always try to take the stairs rather than the lift, walk into town rather than getting the bus and walk along the sea front rather than stay shut indoors. Simple changes like these have really kick started my motivation and I am starting to find that I look forward to these walks now. 


So that is my current routine but of course its not just all about fitness. I've started to make changes throughout my lifestyle. I've added a protein shake for after my workouts, I've tried to take more me time to help me relax and I'm making sure I allow myself more time to sleep. I've also taken a good look at how I view food and realised that whilst I can't cut certain things out, I know that what I put in, I need to burn off. For example, that chocolate cookie I've just enjoyed, a quick walk around the block will go some way to burning some of it off. 

Over the last few months, I have seen some great changes in my body and noticed changes in my mind and happiness too! I think its because I've come to finally realise that I'm making a lifestyle choice not a quick fix. I don't care that it will take a while to get to were I want to be, as long as I stick to it, I will get there.

I hope this might inspire you into making some small changes to get bigger results and if you want to keep up to date with how I'm doing, make sure your check out my links down below. 

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