Autumn Nails

Hello everyone, I thought I would just pop on to show you which nail polish I have been loving recently. I also just wanted to give you a little bit of a life update - My mum is currently in hospital, awaiting to have a couple of operations as I write this and so of course I want to be there with her. This is the reason for this short & different post today - I didn't want to miss uploading a post, but at the same time, my mind just isn't concentrating on it. I hope you understand. 

Anyway here is the polish I have been loving at the moment. It is from the Ultimate Wear Nail Colour collection from Autograph in the shade Petal Pink. I love this colour because it is neutral but still Autumnal looking and it lasts a while without chipping. I usually stick to more darker shades for Autumn but I feel then that I'm constantly repainting them. This is currently day 5 of the same polish being on and it shows no signs of chipping. 

I will be back on track very soon with some more posts so make sure you are following both my blog & social media. I am also still uploading videos to my YouTube channel so make sure you're subscribed. 

Until next time



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