Outfit Of The Day

Hello everyone, so because I'm blogging more with my new schedule, I thought I would mix it up and do some quick posts. One idea I had was to do some outfit posts, although I hope you don't expect too much from them because I am by no means a fashion blogger. As a little disclaimer, the outfits I post will probably be from a couple of days before because I just simply don't have time to do it on the actual day. 

For this outfit I had been for a really long walk in the countryside, in which I was chased by goats (long story). Following this little drama, we then popped to the shopping mall to pick up a couple of birthday presents, before driving home and then taking the dog for a walk. I felt like I was on my feet all day so in terms of shoes, it had to be something comfy. I originally wore my favourite white trainers (massive fail I know) for the walk, but as you can see by the photo of them, they needed some serious cleaning by the end of it. Hence why in my outfit photo, I'm wearing my super old but super comfy beige pumps. 

Moving upwards, these jeans are my new favourites. They are the Yasmin high waisted jeans from New Look and fit me so well plus they are soft and comfortable. I love this striped blouse which I picked up a couple of weeks ago from Matalan. Again its super comfy and is made of a brushed cotton material. To finish this outfit off, I've also got my brand new rose gold sunglasses from M & S which were a bargain in the sale for just £7!

Overall I love this outfit because it is one of those ones that I can just throw on, be super comfy in but still look like I've made an effort. 

Thanks for reading my latest blog post. I will be back on Wednesday with an exciting collab, so make sure you check back then. 



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