Product Review - Beauty Pro Black Diamond Peel Off Mask

Hello everyone! Its really starting to turn quite wintery outside now so I have been spending at lot more time indoors, pampering myself. One of the products I have been using is something new to me so I thought I would tell you how I found it. 
I ordered the Beauty Pro Black Diamond peel off mask a few weeks ago from Feel Unique because I really wanted to try a peel off mask. I usually tend to stick to cleansing masks that you just use warm water to soak off so I was intrigued to see how my skin would react to a peel. The mask itself was £4.95 which although was a little bit more than I would normally pay for sheet masks, I thought wasn't too bad. I didn't realise that it was actually a pack of 3 I was ordering so it turns out to be amazing value. 
After cleansing my face, I started to apply the mask. It was quite a oily/watery texture which made apply it a bit messy. In hindsight, it would have probably been easier to have applied it with a brush but at the time I didn't think about it. It applied really smoothly to my skin and seems to start the drying process quite quickly. After applying the face mask, I then had a soak in the bath, leaving the mask on for 30 minutes. I'm not sure if it was because of the heat from the water, but the mask didn't really seem to dry out enough that it would all pull off. I ended up just using a damp cloth to wipe some of it off. 

Because of the failure of the first one, I decided to give the mask another go. This time I was more prepared for how watery it was going to be when I opened it but I still managed to make a mess! This time, after applying it, I was just sat on my bed, writing blog posts. The window was open but it wasn't cold so I thought this might speed up the drying process. However, again I found that some of it hadn't dried enough to peel off despite the fact that I had left it on for 40 minutes this time (The guideline on the back was 20 minutes). 

In terms of how it made my skin feel, immediately afterwards, my skin felt a bit sore and dry but it also felt really smooth. I'm not really sure what I was expecting but in the days afterwards, my skin majorly broke out. I had huge, painful spots that I couldn't even cover with make up. The second time I used the mask, I again had break outs on my chin and forehead. I understand that it is getting rid of the grit and grime but I'm not sure I would use this mask in future because of how my skin looks afterwards. I have spend the last week or so constantly putting on moisturiser because my skin looks so dehydrated and dry. Overall, the cons of this mask definitely out way the pros so I will probably give the last one in the pack a miss. 

I don't think this has put me off using peel masks but I think I might give some other brands a try, so if you have an recommendations then please let me know. 

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