What I Eat In A Week

Hello everyone, I have recently taken out a Hello Fresh subscription and have been really enjoying cooking my meals from scratch. The recipes are so simple to follow, I have all of the ingridents I need and the meals are packed full of nutrients. It inspired me to write this blog post, showing you what I typically eat in a week. I have struggled with food for a number of years and lack the motivation and inspiration to cook anything myself. Rather than follow a complicated recipe, I used to just stick an unhealthy ready meal in the microwave. Since using Hello Fresh, I have found new meals that I like and have gone a little way to improving the food I do eat. However, I still struggle & also like to treat myself too, so please don't judge...

So I will admit that I normally just have a yoghurt drink for breakfast, however on my day off, I treated myself to a cooked breakfast from Wetherspoons. I love their breakfasts because I can swap the ingredients that I don't like for something I do.

For lunch, I always have the same - a banana slimfast shake and one of the slimfast snacks, normally either the cheese bites or the pretzels. 

So for evening meals, most have them have been Hello Fresh ones. This is how they arrive - in a brown paper bag with a coloured sticker that matches the one on the recipe card. 

As I mentioned about, one of the main reasons I like using Hello Fresh is because it comes with all of the ingredients needed...

... And you can make meals such as this - King Prawn Spaghetti

I am not normally a lover of prawns but I actually really enjoyed this one.

This has been one of my favourites by far - Pan Fried Chicken with roasted new potatoes and tarragon sauce.

A good hearty wintery meal was this Vietnamese Chicken Ca ri with mushrooms and brown rice.

Pan Fried Chicken with spiced creamy lentils - the vegetables tasted amazing, like something from a posh restaurant.

When I took out the subscription, I was determined to try something new and for me, that is fish. This Goan Fish Curry with basmati rice was fun to cook but not really to my taste so I don't think I would request this again.

My week wouldn't be complete without a home cooked roast dinner complete with Yorkshire pudding.

Another Sunday night treat was this cream slice, I love them so much but there is no elegant way to eat it. 

And that is a typical view of what I eat in a week. Thanks for reading my latest post...

Until next time



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