Product Empties 2017

Hello everyone, So at the start of the year, I set myself the challenge to try and use up as many products as I could because I felt like I had so many things that I had started but never finished. I feel like I have done quite well, so thought I would share with you some of the things that I have used up and give my thoughts on them. 

This micellar water from Bioderma was something I was excited to try out because I had read so many good reviews about it. However, in terms of how it made my skin feel, I can't say it was better or worse than other products, the only difference being that it was more expensive than others. 

I'm not usually much of a fan of some of the Baylis & Harding fragrance's however I really enjoyed the smell of this mandarin & grapefruit body wash and I loved how clean it left my skin feeling. 

Ok, so I have to admit that this is probably one of my all time favourite scents that I have ever tried. I'm literally obsessed with it and am extremely sad that I have finished this shower cream. In terms of how well the product worked, I was surprised because it only cost £1. It lathers up well and my skin certainly felt a lot softer, as if I had been using a much more expensive products. 

This Sanctuary Spa micellar cleansing foam was one that I received in last years advent calendar and I started the year off by incorporating this into my everyday skincare routine. I loved how it worked with my skin and I highly recommend trying it out particularly if you have sensitive skin. I have already purchased a full size bottle so that I can start using it when my current one runs out.  

I feel like this year has been the year of the sheet mask. I had never really heard of sheet masks until I saw this one from Garnier in Boots and decided to give it a go. I absolutely love using them now and try to use one about two or three times a month. I love have soft it leaves my skin and I have certainly noticed a difference when it comes to applying my make up too. Garnier have since brought out lots of variations on their original sheet mask so I can't wait to try some more out over the next few months. 

I will admit that I picked this up from Wilko because I desperately needed a shower cream and so picked up the first one that I saw that actually smelt good. With shower creams, I always try to choose one that contains shea butter because not only do they always smell great but they leave my skin feeling super soft. Before buying this, I had never really used anything from Radox but I now use some of their bubble baths too! They are a great, affordable way to both smell good and look after your skin at the same time. 

I have been a huge fan of Dove skincare for a long time and during the summer months this nectarine & ginger body wash was my go to item. For me it sums up summer in a bottle and Dove products always work well on my skin because it is so sensitive. 

I have always loved anything rose scented and when Garnier brought out their rose water collection I literally went straight down to Boots to have a look. I loved how this toner made my skin feel and have really noticed the difference since I ran out so I will certainly be repurchasing soon. 

I'm a huge fan of Anatomicals as a brand and I love their packaging, however these under eye patches really disappointed me. They stung my eyes really badly and after putting up with it, I literally saw no reward afterwards. My bags were still there and if anything, they looked even worse because they were now red and sore. It has made me think twice now about trying more of their products because they are expensive sometimes for the amount of product you actually get. 

Up until I tried this Beauty Pro one, I had never heard of a foot peel, let alone tried one. I heard someone talking about them and decided I wanted to try one out for myself. So I popped on over to Feel Unique website, where I found this one and of course a lot of other items just happened to fall into my basket! As soon as it arrived, I wanted to try it out. I planned my evening around using this foot peel because you have to wear the booties for about two hours and I certainly didn't want to do lots of walking in that time because I was bound to slip over. After the time was up, I washed the remaining product off, which I will admit stung a little bit and then went to bed. 
The next morning, I woke up expecting to see something out of a horror movie happening to my feet but yet they looked exactly the same. So I went off to work thinking I had just wasted quite a large amount of money (they aren't cheap for one use). By the time I returned home, I had forgotten all about the peel so when I was shocked when I took my shoes off and there was all this flappy skin (yucky I know). I then realised that it would take a while to work and that I shouldn't expect instant results. After about two weeks, the results I had were amazing, so much so, that it is now part of my routine that I do every two months. I highly recommend this product!

Clinique was the first brand I used when I started to think about skincare and of course I started off by using their 2 step routine. Over time, I will admit that I found cheaper alternatives and so almost forgot about them as such. I then received this make up remover as part of a gift and feel in love all over again. I use the Bad Gal mascara from Benefit quite a lot and have always struggled to find a product that will take it off at the end of the day. However, this one from Clinique takes it off almost instantly and I don't even feel like I have to rub my eyes slightly to get the product off. 

These epsom salts are perfect for all you gym-goers and you can pick up these Westlab ones really cheaply these days. I must have got through about a packet a month because they work so well as easing aching muscles so I had to include it in my product empties. I have also recently seen that they are doing a body scrub which I can't wait to try out too!

When I think of shampoo, I always think of Garnier and their Ultimate Blends range has always been my favourite. This one got me through the summer, making my hair appear smooth but not greasy and I felt like I could leave it a little longer between washes. It smells amazing too!

Shock horror, but this was the first thing I had ever tried from The Body Shop. (I know - where had I been!) I received this as part of a gift set and because I love anything Rose scented, thought I would give it a go. What surprised me was how little you actually need to use before it lathers up. In comparison to the price, it was good value for money and comes in loads of different scents so there is something suitable for everyone. 

I wanted to mention these little tubes quickly because I didn't want you to think I didn't use conditioner on my hair. These little tubes come with the hair dye that I use and so I have spent most of the year using these because by the time I have run out of one, its time to dye my hair again. They smell incredible though and leave my hair in such good condition that I don't really feel like I need to try anything else. 

Another shampoo I tried was again from the Garnier Ultimate Blends range and was filled with argan oil and cranberry scented. I thought I would give my hair a little boost because it was looking a little dull even though I had just dyed it. I loved how amazing this smelt but I definitely preferred the orange one above in terms of how often I had to wash my hair. 

I did opt for using this conditioner again from Garnier recently because I noticed I was getting a dry scalp but I knew I couldn't use Head & Shoulders. I ended up using this once a week as more of a treatment because more often than that would leave my hair looking greasy. 

There's not really anything much to say about this shaving gel other than it leaves my skin super soft, almost as if I have had a wax and it smells great too!

Talking of smelling great, I loved this New Look perfume I received for Christmas last year and am so sad that I have finally used it all up. It was a great everyday scent that I could use before going to work and I had so many compliments on it too. 

Lastly, I have one more disappointing product. I was so excited to try something from Caudalie because so many people had been raving about it so I guess you could say blogging/YouTube made me buy it. However, I was so disappointed because firstly, I wasn't really a fan of the scent, despite what everybody had said. Secondly, when I look for a shower gel, I want something that really feels like its working and lathers up but this just didn't do that at all. Overall it was a lot of money for something that felt like it had done nothing. I even ended up having to use another shower gel instead!

I hope you enjoyed my product empties post. It wasn't everything that I have used this year so far just a general round up of some of the products I have been using. 

Until next time



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