Remembrance Sunday

Hello everyone, I thought I would just do a quick little post, showing you some of the remembrance events I have recently attended. Every year, I always make sure I attend at least one event because I think its important to take a moment to reflect. This year I was lucky enough to see the beautiful and poignant poppy wave on Plymouth Hoe. This amazing display is part of the 14-18 NOW project which some of you might remember seeing soldiers in public places last year. The event was called We're here because we're here and saw thousands of volunteers dressed in First World War uniforms and were seen in various public places around the country in a very moving tribute to the Somme soldiers. 
The poppy tour has seen both the poppy wave and weeping window displays being set up around the country since July 2015 and is set to continue to be on the move until December next year. Of course the first infamous display was that of the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red that was installed at the Tower of London. It is the same type of ceramic poppies that make up these new displays and I'm very pleased to say I own one of the Tower of London poppies myself. 
The poppy wave on Plymouth Hoe is situated at the CWGC Plymouth Naval Memorial and is there until the 19th November. Also there is of course the actual memorial, which sees almost 7,300 names, is breathtaking as well. Just the sheer amount of names of people that wanted a normal life just like you and me but because of circumstance, instead found themselves not only fighting for their country but their own lives. You can't really appreciate just how many names there are until you see it for yourself and the fact that many of those people have no known grave is heartbreaking.
The last few photo's on this post are that of the remembrance service I attended this morning and which is one of many around the country. I always try to make sure I attend our local one if nothing else and it never fails to move me. One thing I have noticed is that the number of veterans are slowly lessening and that that whole generation will soon be gone. It is their reaction that I always watch. In just those two minutes you can see them go through a wide range of emotions and you know that they are reliving what they went through and remembering their pals that didn't make it.


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